Customer Experience Center

Customer Experience Center

Boeing Customer Experience Center is a high tech showroom where prospective customers can view all commercial airplane interior cabin mock-ups.

As a Senior Graphic Designer, I served as the primary creative in charge creating environmental art for the building. Roles included Creative director, Art direction, Graphic Design, Production and Project Management, in charge from concept to completion.

Feature Wall #1 - Destination

This is the first of two themed feature walls both approximately 30’ x 10’ each facing the entryway and one of the first things visitors see upon
entering the large multi-purpose room.

I was asked to develop concepts based on a branding narrative and
mission statement for the Customer Experience Center. Several concepts developed include Travel-people and destinations, Attaining flight, Perspective, Flight in motion to name a few.


The concept for the entry way art was to invoke a sense of timeless connection to commercial aviation’s travel past while upholding the high tech, modern brand design of it’s new aircraft and having a bit of fun at the same time.

Based on old travel industry posters but with a twist, all airplane’s depicted we’re current Boeing commercial aircraft. Poster designs we’re digitally developed and then oil painted by in house artist. Total of 12 poster designs we’re created, later to be used for as calendar art and also Flash animated.


Lounge art consisted of 12 panels mounted by a rail system designed to slide in place. Early concept designs showcased abstracted views of aeronautical technology. Final design was a concept developed for one of the feature wall murals and was later selected for the lounge area. Theme revolved around “feeling flight” evoking the weightlessness and other expressions which we experience while in flight.

Dreamliner Wall